6 Proven Digital Marketing Tactics That Get Results

Navigating the expanse of modern marketing options can be quite overwhelming to the average small business owner. Between print advertising, online marketing and various other avenues, what would be best for your business? As we’ve discussed previously, digital marketing is the most cost-effective and rewarding means to advertise and promote your business and offerings. Today we look at some of the fundamental parts to use if you want to maximise your marketing efforts.

Navigating the expanse of modern marketing options can be quite overwhelming to the average small business owner

1. Shareable Content


Content is one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy. The difference between successfully broadening your exposure and not being noticed at all lies in the quality of the content you put out there, as this is how people will help your brand grow by sharing your posts on various social media platforms. Highly shareable content is typically original, informative, helpful, entertaining or offers a reward for being shared.

2. Responsive Web Design


People access the web use mobile as a highly preferred way of getting online, wherever they are. People want to instantly view what they’re looking for, and it needs to appear visually appealing and function correctly, or they’ll very quickly move on to an alternate option. This is why creating a responsive website that will scale and still look great on tablets or smartphones is so important. If you’re creating a new website, be sure to ask your developer that it be completely scalable and responsive.

3. Organic Social Media


A powerhouse of opportunity if harnessed correctly, social media can provide your business with huge amounts of exposure – and it’s free. ‘Organic’ refers to anything you post, share or interact with online without needing to pay for the advertising options of a social platform. An example of this would be using a Facebook page for your business to share enticing content, which your followers can then share.

4. Regular A/B Split Tests

In order to improve on your offerings and giving your customers what they prefer, a bit of research is needed into how effective your website, email newsletters and other marketing content really is. A/B split testing is a process of offering users two variations of a web page, ad or other content, then measuring which of the two gains the more significant following, interaction or response. This is a crucial part of continually improving your future content and making it more effective.

5. Conversion Focused Web Design

Having a website is great, but if you’re focusing on making sales or finding leads, you’ll need to design your website to entice people and convince them to follow through with their intent to purchase or request further information. This is done through choosing the right design, placing CTA buttons in optimal parts of the page, and making the site as user-friendly and easy to navigate as possible.

6. Build Target Email List

Instead of sending out bulk, generic emails, invest in researching your target market and then assign specialised emailers to them based on factors such as their location, age-range and interests. Customising your mailers by addressing it to them by name is also a very effective way of getting their attention.

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