6 Link Building Strategies for Successful Results

French fries and ketchup or eggs and bacon are inseparable, and so are link building and SEO. An essential facet in crafting a successful SEO strategy is link building. However, many digital marketers don’t offer it to their clients, doubting its ability to help generate organic traffic or thinking that it is too much work.

While it is true that link building is far from a stroll in the park, the results it can yield for you is worth the hard work. Here are a few tips we have compiled to help you succeed in this area:

Sadly, much of the content being published is simply not worth linking to. 75% of it is getting zero inbound links. So forget the ‘more is better’ approach to content if you want links. Go with quality instead. Your content will generate links only if it is truly exceptional—’remarkable,’ as Seth Godin would say.
Brian Sutter

Get To Know Your Client’s Audience

Growing your audiences is the first step in ensuring link building success. To do this, you have to build on your existing audience and raise it at the same time. You cannot do this unless you know who your audience currently is and who your ideal audience is. With this information, you can make some informed strategic decisions to continue on the path you’re on or pivot to exclude or include new demographics as you move forward.

Look At Websites That Appeal To This Audience

When you have painted a clear picture of your current and desired audience, the next step is to find websites that appeal to them and can assist in you reaching them. Looking at competitor sites or sites similar to your website, you’ll be able to see references for what is working and what isn’t as well as generate new ideas for content, campaigns and strategy.

Write Astounding Content

One of the best ways of getting websites in your niche to link to your site is by creating content that is relevant and authoritative and presents you as an expert in your field. Basically, you want to create content that these sites simply can’t pass up.
Now that you have written an immaculate piece of copy (or several), you will need to go back to the list of websites you made as part of your growth strategy. Select the ones that can link to the content you have created. This list could be short or long, depending on whether you’ve adopted a short or long-tail keyword approach. Longer is better as the more specific a keyword is, the more likely it will perfectly match to another website and vice versa.

Match Content to Websites

Once you’ve got some killer content, reach out to the sites and offer them the content at no cost. Simply explain that you’re trying to build your credibility and have some valuable info on the industry to share. Another great tactic is to offer a content share strategy where both sites share content with each other on a monthly basis, creating a win-win.
Websites with niche interests reflected in the copy you created will be open to linking as your content compliments their content. Visitors to this website will be interested in what you have written, increasing the chances of recurring visits and conversions.

Use Social Media

Reaching new audiences and getting links is easy if you use social media. If your content is well-structured and original, you can tweet about it and tag specific people you think might like it. People on social media like to save and share content they respond to.

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